Homoeopathy is not slow

People believe this is slow system of cure and only prolonged diseases should be handled with Homoeopathy. It is a wide spread misleading information. It is true taking medicine on specific trouble or problem is very easy in allopathic system because there is same treatment for many similar problems.However in homoeopathy each case and each patient and his symptoms are taken differently.

Going to homoeopath first time and facing questions to understand the case may be difficult. However, homoeopath needs to know the feel-good symptoms of the patient and his chief/ secondary complaints. During the course there are questions to know patient feels chilly or hot, his nature, mind, introvert/ extrovert etc. etc. When you visit homoeopath again, you are more comfortable and open up easily and that is the success mantra. Means opening up to the doctor. Similarly, good doctor first opens up the patient so that he shows those troubles which are on his back of mind and only telling about the new problem he is facing. Homoeopath takes the approach of system as a whole and thus the response to the diagnosis and problems also is as a whole.

We should not emphasis on molding the doctor in your way to get the prescription faster or asking for specific medicine if you want to get the best treatment in homoeopathy.

Homeopathy gives fast results once patients opens up with doctor.