Why Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is alternate system of medicine, It is best in curing chronic and acute diseases permanently.

Some analysts observe that Homoeopathy should be a specialized branch of medicine system. Many specialists from other medicine system have joined this holistic approach in curing the patient. And may doctors now try to first try homoeopathy and then the other medicine system.So, Homoeopathy has became first choice of treatment after diagnosis before any prescription and treatment.

Holistic approach takes patient’s mind, physical, general and many other symptoms . Homoeopathy can successfully cure the diseases in better way before undergoing serious treatments like surgery or long term courses of other medicine systems.

Some people have myth that homoeopaths do not take the physical symptoms and don’t recommend laboratory tests to closely observe the status of disease. However, a good homoeopath first understands the condition of patient and then after taking view of previous history and interview asks for lab test(s) if required. He would also like to see the previous tests and their results.